The Mill is a new dynamic multi-purpose event space based in Dundee, a UNESCO City of Design. Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the building is a truly flexible space where the walls can be separated or merged to suit the size of the event — whether it's a large-scale music concert or an intimate theatre play, it can be adapted in any way. 
S H I L L I N G T O N   s t u d e n t   p r o j e c t

The final brand identity is a blend of influences from Hadid's modern architecture and Dundee's heritage; the logomark reflects the curves of the building inspired by the flexible nature of jute, the fabric the Scottish city was known for during the Industrial Revolution, and represents the dynamic and continuous flow of people and events happening within the space; the vibrant colour palette is based on the beautiful landscapes of the Tay Country where Dundee is situated, from the heather on the hills to the sunsets over the sea; and rounded sans-serif typefaces are used to appeal to a wide range of audiences — young to mature, local to international, or first-timers to regulars. 

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