Known for their eclectic and indie approach, Polyphonic is fast becoming the go-to place for exploring new talent and streaming underground music. With a huge online community, they wanted to share their year’s successes through a bold and engaging interactive digital annual report.​​​​​​​
S H I L L I N G T O N   s t u d e n t   p r o j e c t

With many underground bands often producing their own music, the visuals for the microsite was inspired by the bars that appear on music production software indicating anything from volume level to length of a track. The bright colours and image treatment chosen are based on the lighting found in underground scenes where you'll often see people dancing amongst a pinky/blue haze. In terms of user experience, users can navigate to the different sections of the microsite using the menu on the right hand side letting them find more content within the annual report, and the graphic elements in the background create a parallax effect as you scroll through the content.

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