This branding concept for a food truck business came about when I was looking through old trip photos of Japan. Memories of all the restaurants and the incredible food we tried came flooding back, and so to satiate my craving, I set myself the brief to brand a small yakitori food truck business in London. 
S E L F - I N I T I A T E D   B R I E F

Based on how I was feeling at the time, I decided to name the business 'Peko Peko', a term in Japanese for the sound of hunger pans. I wanted the brand to come across as authentic and honest, reflecting my experiences of Japanese izakayas. The typeface for the wordmark is a customised version of sans-serif Niveau Grotesk, with slightly wobbly edges to play on the element of hunger. The simple outline illustrations bring fun into the brand highlighting the nature of being out and eating with friends, and the earthy colour palette illustrates the authenticity and honesty of the brand, but with an added orange into the palette for vibrancy. The organic textures are a hint to the organic ingredients Peko Peko use for their yakitori which are all locally sourced.

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