For their annual film festival, BFI wanted a memorable identity to celebrate the hybrid 'indiewood' genre — big Hollywood-produced films with the heart and soul of indies. One of their requirements was to have a unique type lockup that would work across all festival collateral. 
S H I L L I N G T O N   s t u d e n t   B R I E F 

The concept for the identity was centred around the quirky yet honest and heartwarming nature of indiewood films. To illustrate whimsy and awkwardness, a bespoke typeface with slightly uneven edges was created which forms the main type lockup for the festival. Imagery is treated with a simple monotone effect to convey the subtleness of indie films, and the slightly unusual but warm colour palette was inspired by risograph colours to bring a sense of nostalgia as the film festival is all about celebrating the classics from the indiewood genre. The graphic elements across the identity uses the 'i' from the custom typeface and adds a sense of playfulness to the festival identity reflecting the humorous moments within indiewood films.

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