While working at Childish Design, I was part of a branding project for Fiils, a refillable beauty products brand. As part of their pre-launch, I was responsible for designing a holding page for their new website. The purpose of the page was to show a sneak preview of the rebrand before letting customers sign up for the newsletter and a discount on their first pre-order purchase.​​​​​​​
Concept & web design: Helen Tong / Animation: Childish Design / Web development: Lattimore & Friends
C L I E N T :   F I I L S 
A G E N C Y :  C H I L D I S H   D E S I G N


The concept was created around 'A window into the future'. Using the new wordmark for Fiils as a frame, parts of the packaging peek through to give a sense of mystery and reflects the idea of looking through to a more eco-friendly future with Fiils' products. The initial animation of the elements coming onto screen provides a quick impactful introduction to the brand which then leads onto Fiils' ethos, letting customers learn a little more about their new rationale before being taken to a countdown and a sign-up form for the launch. 

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