Celebrating all things analogue, Collective is a new boutique store in Melbourne offering a curated range of vintage products, small gifts and darkroom workshops. Their ethos is all about learning to love the past in the modern era and appreciating the unique characters and quirks of analogue products and processes, believing that imperfections aren’t flaws but just happy little accidents. 
S H I L L I N G T O N   s t u d e n t   p r o j e c t

The concept 'happy little accidents' is based around celebrating the imperfections of analogue processes and products. The store was keen to attract modern creative families, and so it was important for the brand to appeal to parents and teenagers. A warm vintage colour palette was chosen as a nod to the past but is paired with a minimal and simple sans-serif font to modernise the overall look of the brand. The shapes for the graphic elements reflect the irregularity of the vintage products and processes, and the happy surprises you might come across. 

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